Join Fell & Fair in Battle

The Weekend Warrior Experience is a carefully crafted immersive event, designed to help you loose yourself in a detailed and fascinating adventure. Step into the world of Olaran, a low-fantasy, medieval, human kingdom where warring factions fight and scheme for dominance. No matter if you are an experienced medieval fighter, or have never taken up a sword in your life, this is an event where everyone's talents, skills and knowledge can be put to use! 

Designed and run by costume and film studios Fell & Fair Productions and The Forge Studios, Weekend Warrior provides and immersive entrance into a cinematic world. 

Choose to join one of four factions inspired by historical cultures: the Kingsmen, the Hearth-guard, the Rangers or the Sea Lords. Engage in battle, enjoy fantastic medieval meals and feasts, sing battle songs by the campfire and get carried away by the adventure with your friends.