Who We Are

Fell & Fair is first about community. A community based on the love of each member's craft and the desire to share them with others. We seek to use each skill to produce work that brings joy, and inspires nobility in others. We involve this community in both our costume creations as well as our forays into filmmaking with the goal of expanding the community as we strive to create beautiful works of art.  



Our Founder

Fell & Fair founder Zan Campbell was raised among the woods, fields, and little rivers of the Carolina back country. From an early age, his heroes were not the caped crime-fighters of comic books and movies, but the chivalrous knights and warrior monks that seemed to come alive in the pages of Tolkien, Henty, Chesterton and Lewis. 

Throughout his youth, Zan tried his hand at costume design for plays, home-movies, and local fairs, always with the aim of achieving a magical realism that brought the characters and settings he loved to life. After retiring from service as a naval officer, Zan started Fell Fair: a costume design company that brought together a group of craftsmen and artisans specializing in the production of medieval and fantasy armor and weaponry. A year later, Zan started the multimedia company Fell Fair Productions to share his friends' adventures with the world. He is also the lead costume designer and weapons instructor for the Fell Company: a band of friends and fellow adventurers who find the time to bring history and fantasy to life through their mutual love of adventure, craft, and fellowship. 

Watch to learn how Fell and Fair first began and how it grew into the community of artisans and experts it is today. To see more action and adventure from Fell and Fair...

Fell Fair is about bringing history and imagination to life.